The special features of sports betting on American Football

General information about American Football

This popular American sport is also simply called “football” and aims to get the football into the opponent’s playing field or as many points as possible. This goal can be achieved by throwing (“passing”) or running (“running”). Points can be earned by a touchdown or a field goal. The touchdown is a credit of six points for carrying or catching the ball in the opponent’s end zone. A field goal is the kicking of the football through the goal bar. Other opportunities to score are with safety (two points each; if a player is knocked down by the attacking party, if he is on his own zone or crosses the end line in his own end zone) and with down (10 yards or more of space gain). Punt, on the other hand, is a special move that takes effect when the necessary space gain is not achieved after the four maximum attempts. The attacking team is called “offense” and the defending team “defense”. The right to attack is obtained by a space gain of 10 yards or more. You have four attempts. If you fail or lose the ball by interception (a defender catches the ball before it comes into contact with the ground), the right of attack passes to the opposing team. The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

American football has played an important role in North America since the 1970s. It is played in almost every high school and college. The NFL (National Football League), which has existed since 1920, is the continent’s most famous professional league and the venue of the Super Bowl, a very well-known and important event in the United States and at the same time the final of the NFL. It has even achieved worldwide recognition. Other well known leagues are the USFL (United States Football League) and the XFL. The American ball sport also found its way into Austria and Germany in the 1970s and is played every year from spring to autumn; in Switzerland only since the 1980s. The first clubs from Germany were the Frankfurter Löwen (founded in 1977) and the Düsseldorf Panthers. In Germany the league with the highest rank is the German Football League (GFL) with the German Bowl as final and in Austria the Austrian Football League with the Austrian Bowl as final end. The German football scene was further developed and regional leagues, upper leagues, association leagues and some more followed. Football is also played at universities in the Central European state. Therefore a national team called GERmaniacs was founded, which is designed for the best university players. In China, this high-risk sport did not become established until 2012. The first league was the American Football League of China.

 General information about NFL betting

NFL stands, as already described, for National Football League. Furthermore, the majority of all bets are placed through this team elite and therefore there is a very large variety of betting opportunities. A game lasts exactly 60 minutes and is divided into 4 sections of a quarter of an hour each. This clear structure gives a clear advantage for betting. Bets can be placed on many different possibilities, the main focus is on the result bet, which bets on the winner of a match. This type of bet makes a lot of sense, as a draw is very unlikely. If this happens, an extension of the playing time will take effect. Another lucrative variation to bet is the over/under bet. Here the score moves into the center, whereby a certain under- or overrun of a certain level of the points table, with inclusion of the whole game or an individual team, comes into consideration. Special bets, such as on individual players, teams, or on a touchdown, on a field goal or a yellow flag, are also suitable for American football. Recommended providers of this type of sports betting are Kulbet, Bettson and Betsafe. A big advantage of these betting providers is that 95 percent of the winnings are distributed again. Kulbet was founded in 2015 and specializes in the Internet. The association stands for a constant improvement of its quality and its portal. Furthermore, this bookie is characterized by a lot of individuality and dynamism. Most betting providers aim to win new customers with bonus campaigns.

Football betting on colleges

These special bets are long-term bets. The winner is also the winner. College football is almost as popular as normal American football and is known for its top-class sporting performance, which is why bookies include this special North American sport in their sportsbooks. Audiences of over 100000 sports enthusiasts are often reached.  Colleges do the groundwork for paid football by promoting potential young talent. College football is organized through the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). This internal university sport plays a significant role in the identity-building of college visitors and is also a good source of income for American educational institutions. Would you like to know more about American Football betting? Then you need to visit for more information.