The ultimate guide to planning a golf vacation

Planning a golf trip can be a memorable experience, especially if it’s for the first time. Most golfers in the country prefer scheduling a tee time somewhere close to home. Yet, taking a golf trip can create exposure to some new experiences. Such experiences will improve a golfer’s game. Going on a golf vacation is the perfect opportunity for a person to work on their swing.

Going on a solo vacation can help a person get things done much faster. Yet, bringing a few buddies along on a golf trip promises to be a lot more fun. A little competition and banter on the course would also motivate people. Your friends will push themselves to score higher and enjoy each round. It also doesn’t hurt to have a few friends for the next game at the 19th hole.

As the peak golfing season approaches,  the urge for hitting the golf ball increases. We have prepared a guide to help with the planning process. Golf lovers can use it to make the most of each day of their trip. 

Let’s look at some of the tips that can help plan a memorable golf vacation.

Narrow Down the Preferred Destination

The first step in planning a vacation is deciding on where to go. Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are thousands of golf courses found both locally and beyond the borders. Thus, finding a good golf destination shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do.

How do you select the ideal destination for a golf vacation? For starters, one should consider the other available activities. For example, a person might want to find a place next to a beach. Or, perhaps to find a city with great entertainment and nightlife activities. The preferred activities off the golf course can help golfers make a choice.

Other factors can also come into play, such as the type, of course, a golfer would like to try. Some may also prefer certain cities because they have family or friends there. Golfers should choose a city that works best for them depending on their preferences.

Consider the Time of the Year

Another important decision to make is when to schedule the golf trip. Unfortunately, golf courses in many parts of the country close in the late autumn and winter. For this reason, most golfers make their tee time reservations during the summer.

It might still be good to check the weather patterns in advance, even during the summer. The weather conditions impact the golfing experience. For example, unexpected rainfall or thunderstorms might dampen the overall experience. These can interrupt a tee time or even ruin a vacation. In states like Arizona, temperatures can sometimes rise to record highs. Imagine playing with a scorching sun above your head. It’s impossible to play even a single round.

Once the date and destination are set, reservations should be the next thing on your mind. Consider making reservations months in advance. Golf is a very popular sport in the country. Golfers tend to make their reservations even before the summer begins. If you delay, you might run out of luck.

Golfers should consider booking a trip at least 3 to 6 months in advance to be on the safe side.

Deciding on Who to Travel With

Another critical factor to consider is whether you’d like to take a solo trip or want some company. You can ask your family or friends to come along. The more, the merrier. This decision will affect the journey. Consider factors such as the costs, sleeping arrangements, and transportation.

The decision also depends on the purpose of the vacation. For example, the trip might be for business purposes or a friendly get-together. If the plan is to have a family vacation, a person may want to consider friendly activities. Such activities make a family trip more wholesome and memorable.

Do you plan to take a trip with some friends or colleagues? One may want to consider booking separate rooms for everyone. Personal time is essential when you travel as a group. It gives people a chance to unwind, rest, and explore by themselves.

What’s the Budget?

Don’t neglect to put a financial cap on the golf vacation. It will prevent a person from incurring unnecessary expenses. Some golfers don’t mind the costs and are willing to spend any amount to access the best courses. But if you have a limited budget, it is advisable to take some precautionary measures.

An excellent place to start is checking the golf courses’ green fees. They vary depending on the preferred destination. Florida and Las Vegas have some of the more luxurious golf courses. It cost hundreds of dollars for a single round.

The less expensive options include places such as Wyoming and Kentucky. If the plan is to travel abroad, affordable options for a golf vacation exist. They include Mexico, Ireland, Costa Rica, and Portugal.

It is advisable to do some more research on the available accommodation. Some hotels offer group discounts which can be beneficial in reducing the costs. It is also advisable to book the vacation through a golf agent to get better value.

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Deciding Between Packing Your Clubs or Renting Them

A golf vacation wouldn’t be complete without the tools for hitting the golf ball. The decision between packing a set of golf clubs or renting them depends on several factors. The most determining factor is the size and weight restrictions of the airline.

Have you decided to carry your golf clubs? You should first check the airline’s weight restriction. An extra fee may be required if a person’s luggage is overweight. A fee may also apply if the golf case surpasses a specific size. Some airlines may also recommend hard-sided cases over soft-sided ones. This will avoid any damage to the clubs.

Renting out golf clubs might be a better option for golfers who like to travel light and avoid the hassle. The rental prices for golf clubs may vary, but it certainly provides more convenience.

Remember that the airline weight restrictions vary. Perform a thorough due-diligence. 

Pack the Essential Items

Like any other vacation trip, one must create a checklist for the essential items. The list should include a license and passport at the least. These include your camera and a golf GPS system. One should also carry a good number of golf balls and store them inside their golf bag and their golf shoes.

When packing golf clothing, carry enough shirts, pants, and shorts to last for the duration of the trip. Throw in an extra few in case of rainy days.

Also, check the climate of the destination. Golfers may also want to carry sweaters and some extra socks. Desert climates tend to get very cold during the night.

Also, golfers should pack some protective gear such as caps and visors. It is advisable to use a durable suitcase for these items. One can also have a separate carry-on bag for fragile items such as a phone, a tablet, and a golf GPS system.

Confirm the Travel Plans and Buy Travel Insurance

Before booking a flight, golfers should take some time to confirm their reservations and tee times. Ideally, the reservations should be made months to avoid any last-minute hiccups. A few calls should be made to the reserved accommodation to reconfirm the bookings.

One should also contact the golf course to reconfirm their tee times. It is practical to reach out to the golf course a few days before the trip to be sure that the plans are still intact. There are a few instances where golf courses have had to reschedule or cancel their reservations. This is often due to poor weather conditions or other complications.

Travel insurance is also necessary to cover any loss or damage to a person’s items. It can also cover trip cancellations in case the plans change. Vacationers who don’t already have an insurance plan can purchase it when they book their flights.

Check the Weather Conditions One Last Time

Golfers should confirm the weather conditions in their destinations a few days before leaving their houses. Weather patterns can sometimes change drastically and ruin an entire vacation. Checking the weather conditions a few days before can help avoid such an occurrence. Most golf courses and hotels will allow you to reschedule if anything happens.

Once the plans made are satisfactory, one can proceed with booking the flight. It might help to double-check the items on the checklist to be sure nothing essential is left behind. Most importantly, golfers shouldn’t forget to have a great time!


Taking a golf trip can make for a memorable experience. This is especially true when it’s planned with some golf buddies. The tips provided in this guide will help golfers plan their trips more efficiently. They won’t have to worry about anything except making it to their tee times. Golfers need to remember to make reservations a few months in advance and keep an eye out for any weather changes.