The web3 version of TikTok is born

Web3.0 is bringing in an entirely new level of immersive experiences never before seen. We have Facebook groups and Twitch streams now to interact with our favorite communities, but it’s all about to change here soon, so fasten your seatbelts! 

XONE is a mobile Augmented Reality social network developed by CEO & Co-Founder James Shannon, that allows users to build and share 3D worlds. XONE’s vision is to become the web3 version of TikTok, focusing on user-friendly interfaces, discovery, and music to onboard the next 100 million users into web3.

People are looking for an experience which cannot be provided in real life. In the case of immersive experiences and artist performances this could mean several things,” says James Shannon, CEO & Co-Founder of XONE.

Here are James Shannon’s predictions on how Web3.0 will change immersive experiences

Change #1: The ability to interact in real time with an artist 
Soon, merely being a fanboy (or girl) will be gone, you’ll be able to interact directly with your favorite artists with a customizable experience you can choose. Examples of this include being able to send chat messages, choosing the visuals on stage, and even purchasing an avatar wearable to make yourself look different within the metaverse. 

Change #2: The ability to connect from anywhere in the world 
IRL experiences require you to be somewhere in the world to physically experience the event. Immersive experiences should offer an ability to connect people across the world. The last two years have shown us just the tip of the iceberg with virtual meetings, exercise groups and even full scale concerts of what is possible. Wide scale immersive experiences will have us feeling like we can actually reach out and touch what we’re doing here soon.

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Change #3: Heightened Visuals 
In order for the immersive experience to be attractive it must offer a visual environment that is far beyond what can be seen in the real world. A fantasy environment that can be manipulated and customized to our liking without restriction. Why should fandoms and hobbies be limited to the physical world, when the possibility to expand into these experiences can broaden what it means to connect and share.

Change #4: Communication 
In line with connecting people across the world, the immersive experience should give people a way to connect and communicate even if they are not together in one location. For example, this can include those from minority communities like the hearing and visually impaired. Making technology more accessible means more than creating more access points, it means being intentional in its design and truly thinking about how people will be interacting with it. 

It’s an exciting time to be alive right now, just with any major transition of technology. From tapes to CDs to streaming platforms, or VHS to DVD to Blu-ray. Technology is constantly evolving and we’re privileged to see the internet transform before our eyes at this stage.