Tips on becoming a social media star

Social media is a growing industry, gaining more and more users every day. The term unites several platforms such as  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Tik-Tok, and so on.  The concept and algorithm of each platform differ. Hence, you must know that what makes you popular on Tik-Tok, will not necessarily make you a star on Facebook too. If you are planning to become a social media star, choose the platform on which you will be the most confident. 

Choose a suitable platform 

Before you decide to invest your time in social media, research the applications you are planning to use. After a general overview of the different social media platforms choose whichever you liked the most, or whichever is more akin to your style.  

Keep in mind, making money from these platforms is not standardized. While there are general concepts that apply to all social media, each platform favors different media and pays differently. 

Find your content

You probably already know that every social media platform needs a specific and original content. Thus, to gain any popularity, you must choose unique content that is best suited to you. It can be anything, but try to research what will be popular and attractive for a larger audience. The content should be something you are knowledgeable in while also being a “hot” topic. 

Needless to say, every platform requires a different type of content. For example, YouTube users expect videos of longer duration, tutorials, reviews, and elaborate opinions. TikTok has a different audience, as the app favors shorter videos. You can purchase TikTok views to jump-start your account, but for continued success, you need to work harder.  

What is the most popular content these days?

Videos with the highest traffic are mostly about food products, fashion, gaming, and education (how-to videos are included here). Therefore, if your ambition is to be a social media star, either choose something from these but remain original and authentic, or create your own content which should be something absolutely new and unique. You must entertain and impress your audience. Aim to give them something they have never seen before. Your content will determine who your audience is going to be. 

Tips for being a star

  • Use your imagination at its last level. Don’t be afraid of judgment from your audience and unleash your creativity.
  • Make duet videos with the most famous influencers so that people will know you and with time, you will gain their trust. You are essentially piggybacking on their fame. 
  • Be original and real. People can easily spot a faker, especially online. 
  • Post your content on daily basis, or at least keep a regular schedule. People will come to expect your content.   
  • Create challenges what has never been created and tag as many people as possible.
  • Use correct hashtags. A simple spelling error means you aren’t using the hashtag at all. 
  • Start with fake sponsorship and it will become real (but keep this to yourself).
  • Use affiliate marketing to increase your income potential
  • Follow other social media stars for inspiration and to learn from their mistakes.