TOKEN2049 Singapore: Partner Spotlight: Phemex

For this year’s edition of TOKEN2049 in Singapore, 28-29 September, we will have the honor to work with a number of great partners. One of them is Phemex, a crypto derivative platform with the goal to open up a fair trading ground for everyone and anyone.

The Phemex platform arose from humble beginnings, the founding team had previously worked at Morgan Stanley, but they recognized the limitations of traditional finance. Over the last two years, Phemex has exploded onto the crypto scene and on occasion even managed to venture into the main 5 crypto derivatives stages around the world. This impressive development could only have been accomplished by the project’s unwavering commitment to provide for its users.

Phemex has several important products and services for digital asset service providers and those adjacent to cryptocurrencies to consider. You can learn more about what Phemex offers below:

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  • Phemex Earn

By integrating various financial products such as fixed and flexible savings and launchpool staking, Phemex Earn allows users to earn interests on their crypto assets. Phemex Earn will continue to launch more high APY products during the bear market to provide users with more high yield investment options.

  • Phemex Launchpad

Launchpad is one of Phemex’s latest projects, where you can buy prospective project token at a discounted price before it launches on the market. By subscribing (staking the dedicated token) to Launchpad, participants will be sharing the project token after Phemex calculated the total subscription and allocate them to each participant according to their share of the subscribed amount.