Top 10 online stores in Japan in 2021

Japan is one of the most powerful eCommerce countries worldwide. In fact, Japan ranked 3rd in the global comparison of eCommerce markets by total market volume in 2021, with total revenues of US$188 billion generated in the eCommerce industry, according to the Statista Digital Market Outlook. Only China and the U.S. have bigger eCommerce markets by total revenue. In terms of market growth, Japan is also among the frontrunners in global comparison. According to Statista Digital Market Outlook analyses, the Japanese eCommerce market is projected to grow by 14% annually between 2022 and 2025, which is 3 percentage points above the global average. eCommerceDB’s online store ranking of the leading first-party eCommerce players in Japan has been freshly updated, including the most recent data and analyses. Here comes a peek into the current top 10:

U.S. companies lead field in Japanese eCommerce ranking

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The Japanese ranking of the most successful first-party online stores is led by two U.S. players. The Japanese Amazon store produced total net sales of US$13 billion in Japan in 2021, which makes it the top Japanese online store by total net sales with a huge lead. This is yet another hint at the global market power of Amazon across countries and continents: Amazon URLs also lead the top store rankings in countries like France or the UK, just to name a few. In Japan, – another U.S. player – comes in second in the ranking of the biggest online stores, with total 2021 net sales of 4.3 billion. All other stores in the top 10 – and in fact most stores in the top 50 – are Japanese brands and pure local players, generating 100% of their net sales in Japan. The only Japanese store in the top 10 which sells internationally is fashion player in rank 6. According to ecommerceDB data, generated 12.5% of its 2021 net sales in the U.S., for example.

Source: ecommerce DB