Top 5 Free Real Estate CRM Platforms for 2020

In 2020, we have reached a time in the world where business essentially happens online – such is the pace of life and such is the way we now prioritize where we are in our off time and in real time. Plus, the pandemic thanks to the spread of COVID 19 and the shelter in place orders that have been put in place by countries all over the world, we have been forced to revamp the way we function and live. This extends to our professional lives as well. We now have much of our work happening online, and many industries are now in the middle of revolutions that are changing the name of the game. In the middle of all this, CRM or customer relationship management is what stands out more than anything else.

It may be worth noting that CRM is not just a new technology. This technology has evolved over the past two decades or twenty years. With names like HubSpot coming up in the past decade, we have seen a whole new way of marketing and sales thanks to the fact that we have shifted our lives online. Whether we are buying grocery or making an EMI payment; whether it is online banking or selling services – it all happens online. In fact, many business owners will agree that it is now commonplace that they haven’t even had a face to face meeting with many customers and clients – some of whom are spread out all over the world.

CRM has made it possible to actually conduct business activities online. If it would not be for CRM, we would still be struggling with all the rigors and challenges of finding the right way to process the bulk of information and big data into an organized form that can help us with conversions. So, CRM has come to our rescue with evolutions like marketing automation to further help us out. Let us understand how this works in terms of the real estate industry.

This is where free real estate CRM comes into play. Real estate is an area where visual play of information is what dictates whether or not a conversion happens. With the best real estate CRM in place, you can easily hook your customers with the right kind of reach and engagement that would be fulled by the right kind of framework that would match information with functions within the sales pipeline.

The best real estate CRM system would have to be able to first and foremost organize all the information out there regarding the consumers who aspire for the kind of lifestyle that comes with a certain type of property – residential or commercial. The specifics of this would have to be mined by the CRM system online so that it can be used in order to call up the right functions and the right channels where you can reach out to your customers. Further, this kind of information would have to be location specific so that you can actually use the same to get to the right people in the right place, since location is pretty much everything in the field of real estate.

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Further, the free real estate CRM platform should be able to show the customers what they would be choosing by articulating all that information in a targeted and very visual manner. This also makes CRM for real estate a very challenging thing and so you should choose only the very best real estate CRM for your real estate ventures and the customers you hope to bring in.

Above all, the best real estate CRM platform should be able to put up a professional front that has all the inputs from the various parties well demonstrated so that the customer is able to trust you. This is very important since a real estate buy is a pretty big one. You would have to show a collective team that brings in much know how for parties like financiers and banks as well as designers and agents in the real estate realm as well. You should be able to get a free real estate CRM system that brings in the basis for proper collaboration between all these people as the team players who can take your conversion rate further.

So here are the top 5 and best real estate CRM platforms for your business:

  1. EngageBay: This would easily be the best real estate CRM platform for you since you can try them for free before you actually grow. This platform also offers you a number of features that can help you customize your CRM framework as well, which leaves you with an enhanced rate of conversion.
  2. Zillow Premier Agent: This is also a free real estate CRM platform that gives you a number of functions in terms of positioning and visibility in a certain geographical area. This can also help you go forward and tap into a certain customer base for the most relevant customers to come your way for sure shot conversions.
  3. Agile CRM: This is one of the oldest CRM systems in the market and its helps people from a number of different industries reach and engage their ideal customers, including real estate players.
  4. Bitrix24: This is also a well known platform that can help you when you are engaged in the real estate industry. With the email marketing and other sales acceleration features, you can easily find yourself making conversions in a much more seamless and faster manner than ever before.
  5. Fresh Sales: With a CRM system like Fresh Sales, you can always be sure that you have all the support you need for targeted campaigns and other features that help you close sales in the best way possible.

Based on the above analysis, the best real estate CRM platform for your real estate brand would be Engage Bay thanks to the wide array of features that it offers along with support aplenty!