TradeZing enters the market as the One-Stop-Shop for socially-sourced financial insights at Bitcoin 2023

TradeZing, a company that aims to democratize access to financial education, today announced the launch of its social platform, a real-time aggregator of information from financial professionals, data sources, other social channels and the creator community to help users learn about their investments and the current economic landscape. The platform uses artificial intelligence to provide the latest insights in a digestible format that aims to simplify the financial landscape in today’s increasingly volatile market. To celebrate this launch, the company will be broadcasting Bitcoin 2023 through its web and mobile app platform so investors can stay updated with the latest discussions about cryptocurrency from industry leaders. Viewers can tune in daily on May 18th, 19th, or 20th from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm ET.

Amid inflation and interest rate hikes, Americans find it difficult to access quality financial education materials as many live behind expensive paywalls or do not cater to the everyday investor. However, the content that is available lacks valuable, actionable steps, and financial enthusiasts have no real place to leverage these information exchanges. TradeZing provides users with an accessible resource that offers insights from some of best minds and thought leaders in the finance space. The platform simplifies brand partnerships, hosts web events, streamlines product and service inclusions, produces content and provides advanced analytics and collaboration, creating a holistic financial community for users.

“Today’s economic landscape can be very difficult to understand, and many fear that the worst is yet to come,” said Jordan Edelson, CEO and co-founder of TradeZing. “We are excited to collaborate with Bitcoin 2023 again to launch a platform that can help investors take control of their financial future and learn about unique investment opportunities amid ongoing volatility. Our goal is to provide quality information, education, and become one of the go-to sources for financial data to enable users to make the best financial decisions.”

The company will roll out a suite of artificial intelligence products that cut through the noise to deliver relevant information on investment opportunities. These tools will expedite the processing and understanding of social intelligence and financial indicators to help investors make more informed decisions.

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