US companies agree voluntary AI measures

Some of the top AI companies in the US including OpenAI, Amazon, Google and Microsoft made voluntary commitments to the government to implement measures designed to ensure the safe and transparent development of the technology.

The government stated the companies pledged to develop technical mechanisms to ensure users know when content is generated by AI, such as a watermarking system.

Meta Platforms and Anthropic were also among the companies signing up.

All companies committed to internal and external security testing of their AI systems before releasing them, with independent experts to conduct some of the work.

They also agreed to share information on managing AI risks with the industry, and with governments, and academia. There will also be a focus on protecting users’ privacy, and ensuring AI is unbiased and non-discriminatory.

Other commitments include developing and deploying advanced AI systems to help address society’s greatest challenges, for example mitigating climate change and cancer prevention.

The government plans to establish an international framework to administer the development and use of AI.

US President Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with company executives regarding the commitments today (21 July).

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