US, EU pledge joint pursuit of positive impact AI

The European Union (EU) and US pledged to collaborate on research towards use of AI to address major global challenges including climate change and mitigating the impact of natural disasters.

In the European Commission’s statement on the move it explained the Administrative Arrangement on Artificial Intelligence for the Public Good was also designed to help tackle challenges related to healthcare, energy and agriculture.

AI is expected by the partners to play a role in areas including predicting extreme weather and natural disasters, alongside aiding crop yields by modelling soil and atmospheric conditions, and bird and insect trends.

The EC noted findings and resources would be shared with “international partners that share common values but lack relevant capabilities to help them manage such emergencies and challenges”.

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“Based on common values and interests, EU and US researchers will join forces to develop societal applications of AI and will work with other international partners for a truly global impact,” EC Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton added.

In his country’s statement on the deal, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan noted the collaboration will “drive responsible advancements in AI to address major global challenges with a joint development model and integrated research to deliver benefits to our societies”.

The partnership is the latest between the two regions focused on advanced technologies and trade.

EU member states were also part of a slew of countries to sign the Declaration for the Future of the Internet pledge with the US, outlining a global vision of the future of the internet and related technologies.