USANA announces formation of board sustainability committee

USANA Health Sciences, Inc. continues its mission plan to provide advanced nutrition while supporting the environment and community. The company’s Board of Directors announced mid-February that it was creating a Sustainability Committee. The group is tasked with overseeing and advising on all matters related to the company’s environmental goals and much more.

New Organization Committee Aims to Provide Sustainability Across Various Sectors

USANA’s Sustainability Committee is being charged with handling a wide range of tasks. It will handle all corporate sustainability in areas of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts for the organization. More organizations are putting emphasis on ESG efforts as investors and partners continue to value corporate efforts in these areas. Creating standards and abiding by them enables companies to stand out from organizations that do not.

The effort also includes managing corporate social responsibility (CSR) matters. USANA’s move in this area could help to support efforts within communities it currently services.

The development of this new committee was designed as a way to ensure USANA’s business strategies and activities remain in line with its ESG and CSR goals. This includes decisions that could otherwise impact sustainability efforts as well.

In a press release about the move, the company stated, “Guided by our vision, purpose, and values, we recognize the responsibility we have to all of our stakeholders, and the opportunity we have to be part of the global sustainability solution. We look forward to sharing our accomplishments in this important area with you this year and going forward.”

In that press release, the company announced the initial people’s names who will serve on the company’s Sustainability Committee. Those people include Peggie Pelosi, as chair, as well as John Fleming, Tim Wood, and Frederic Winssinger. These individuals will serve as directors.

ESG and CSR Efforts Are Important

USANA’s move to create ESG and CSR strategies is not something new within the injury. As stakeholders become more conscious and even critical about the companies they invest in and put value in, it has become increasingly important for organizations raising funds, including those on the stock market, to make clear statements about their efforts, goals, and strategies in these core areas.

Sustainability initiatives like this have been a focus as many investors, partners, and other stakeholders look to align themselves with organizations that share the same beliefs and efforts in protecting the planet and supporting the community. These efforts aim to bring attention to and create change in areas like climate change and minimizing the overuse of natural resources. This type of effort also looks to improve an organization’s ability to provide healthy and acceptable levels of support for its employees, including best practices in labor use and talent management.

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It also extends to areas outside of this. ESG and CSR methods can often focus on concepts related to social issues. Some of those may extend to product safety as well as data security.

While USANA did not outright state what its ESG or CSR strategies were in their press release with this information, the creation of the board is one of the first steps. The organization did not say when it planned to release more information about these efforts or its goals.

About USANA’s Sustainability Efforts

USANA has several core values. The company’s main missions include an effort towards excellence, providing scientific research that is innovative and based on what it calls healthy living solutions. The organization also aims to help to continually help people to improve. The second commitment is to the community. The organization’s efforts center around supporting and caring for each other but also all people around the world. Their commitment here stems from encouraging people to live a healthy and happy life.

USANA also has key mission strategies focused on integrity. That includes demonstrating honesty and responsibility in everything they do. They also state they view accountability as a priority in both their individual actions and in the decisions made by the corporation as a whole.

The final component of its core mission is focused on health. The company aims to cultivate a holistic view of what wellness is. It then aims to support the efforts that create a healthy body and strong mind.

The company’s sustainability efforts seem to support the company’s common core values on its website.

USANA’s efforts to support  both wellness and health are nothing new. The company has had this as its focus for what it says is nearly three decades.

USANA’s Product Line and Services

USANA products are meant to help support optimal health. As the company notes, it develops science-based supplements that are meant to support daily wellness. It believes these products can help a person to maintain a busy lifestyle through its routine use of its energy and balanced diet products. The company also says these products can support efforts in areas of fitness and weight management. The company also offers a range of personal care and skincare products which it labels as “advanced’ in their ability to reveal a person’s natural beauty.

The company’s nutritional supplements are one of the biggest components of its offerings. According to the company, these are a range of vitamins and supplements that are targeted to achieve specific results. They address specific results for each individual through specialized formulas. The company’s Celavive skincare line offers the same goal of supporting the skin’s natural healthy appearance.

Kevin Guest, who is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board, stated, “The Board’s formation of a Sustainability Committee aligns with USANA’s core values and vision of building the healthiest family on earth. We will continue to incorporate and advance sustainability-related best practices across all of our markets as we strive to improve communities around the world.”

More About USANA’s Efforts

USANA, which is on the NYSE as USNA, has worked to create a company providing what it states are high-quality nutritional products that are focused on a simple idea. That idea is that if the body receives the exact nutrients it needs, it can support health in some desired way. The concept is one that encourages them to pursue a more advanced understanding of the science of nutrition. It also is behind the company’s drive to create healthy, happy lives in all of those it can reach.

As noted, the company’s four main priorities focus on excellence, community, integrity, and health. The sustainability efforts it talks about within this press release seem to communicate the same overall message. Now, with a team in place, the organization may make decisions and changes to further advance those goals.

Peggie Pelosi, who will serve as the Chair of the Sustainability Committee, offered a few key statements. She said, “USANA is committed to advancing its leadership role in global sustainability.” She then continued by stating, “Guided by our vision, purpose, and values, we recognize the responsibility we have to all of our stakeholders, the opportunity we have to be part of the global sustainability solution. We look forward to sharing our accomplishments in this important area with you this year and going forward.”

The move towards sustainability fits into USANA’s expected core values and missions. What type of work this will include, or the level of change they hope to foster, is yet to be seen. Yet, USANA’s global audience, which includes its development and manufacturing of nutritional supplements, functional foods, and personal care product users, are likely to learn more in the coming months about any expected changes or policy updates. The organization sells its products through associates and preferred customers and does so in the U.S. as well as in numerous countries. The Sustainability Committee will oversee efforts across all levels of the company.