Verizon debuts global IoT e-SIM platform

Verizon Business unveiled a platform for remote provisioning of IoT devices used in cross-border services, with Bell Canada and Telenor the first international operators to team with the US player.

The operator stated Verizon Global IoT Orchestration will work in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, using an e-SIM profile from one of its international carrier partners to connect to local networks.

Orchestration is handled centrally using the Verizon platform.

Shamik Basu, executive director of IoT and edge product for Verizon Business, told Mobile World Live its platform will “orchestrate the delivery” of the necessary user profile and provide “visibility into the operating performance of the devices, how much data they consume, where they are”.

With native multinational e-SIM connectivity through Verizon’s Global IoT Orchestration platform, devices can maintain connectivity across international borders without having to rely solely on roaming.

“You get the benefit of not being a visitor in these markets,” Basu said, noting the localised approach also offers “low levels of latency”.

He stated the platform also allows operators from abroad to attain regulatory compliance when servicing multinational customers.

The orchestration platform is device and network agnostic, compatible with 3GPP IoT standards, and works on 4G and 5G spectrum.

Basu said Verizon Business aims to add up to 30 global tier-1 operators to enable a service footprint of up to 200 countries and regions.

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