Video Games in Africa: Opportunities and Assets

Video games in Africa continue to evolve in parallel with the development of film, television, and technology. But, again, it’s a matter of funds. Most video game producers work with studios to use motion capture technology (mocap) and acoustic technology and often hire writers and actors from the film and film industry.

Africa will become the fastest-growing video game market in the world. Five years ago, the inhabitants of this continent, in general, could afford video games only in computer clubs. Now smartphones open up new prospects not only for gamers but also for developers. As a result, the gaming business in Africa is snowballing. It is important to note that this applies to people who play games and those willing to pay for their development.

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And in this context, we are increasingly noticing Africa at world film festivals and television series. African filmmakers are making new strides by launching locally produced original content, including Amazon. Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and South Africa are currently the leading video game developers on the African continent. African studios are making new strides by launching local original content on Netflix. Several pieces of local content have been nominated for several global awards, including an Oscar.

Even if socio-economic criteria hinder the consumer market, Africa can use video games as a lever for development. Indeed, this sector requires both real raw materials and artistic and computer talents that are present but not used on the continent. Therefore, an excellent solution and strategy would be to find a game art outsource company that will help create concepts, 3D models, or other essential game attributes.

Source: Africa Exponent