Which Milan Team would win the Scudetto this season?

The Serie A battle is becoming one of the hottest in a long time, and it is between the two giants in Milan. After a season-long battle, we have one till the end of the season. We would have to wait till the last day of the season to know who would win the title this season. As a result, May is a month of excitement as we also look forward to the UCL Liverpool vs. Real Madrid final match.

Juventus dominated Serie A for nine straight years until Inter Milan snatched it last season through a series of incredible performances. And even though they lost some of their top players, Inter has maintained a great form, and they can also do a back-to-back win. However, they have to topple their city rivals. 

Last season, AC Milan was supposed to be locked in a fight against Inter for the title, but they fell off after their key player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, suffered a major injury, which put a dent in their BetUS odds. This season they’ve been solid as a team, and after beating Inter in a classic San Siro match-up, AC Milan’s hope was restored, and they could certainly win the competition this season.

However, the tough part is that they need to remain focused and continue to carve out wins as they did against Fiorentina in the late stages of the match. It is not going to be easy for either team. But AC Milan has the stronger chance because they would certainly win the Scudetto after many years of waiting if they can win all their matches. 

The Race for Three Points

As it stands, everything the teams are fighting for is to win their remaining games. Any slip-ups can be costly for either team. Therefore, the push will be to win all the games in grand style and play like the Liverpool vs. Real Madrid UCL final. As a result, we expect to see solid teams from both sides of Milan.

Serie A is known to have lots of giant killers that can cause problems for both teams. For instance, in the Inter vs. Bologna game, Inter couldn’t get a goal and ended up losing the match. We’ve seen the teams drop points in games they should have won easily throughout the season. Therefore, the battle is for who will get the most three points. 

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Inter’s Resilience

Inter has had a rollercoaster season, and at one point, it looked like AC Milan would be running away with the league. However, they kept fighting, and after a while, they moved up from 3rd to second and within touching distance of the league leaders. The season is now more fun, and we might see some of the best actions as games keep coming.

One of Inter’s resilience signs was their match against Empoli, where they were down 2-0 in the first half. But they worked hard to pull themselves back to win the game in grand style. The team won 3-2, putting the title race back on track. And this is something that has happened throughout the season. 

AC Milan’s Push for Scudetto

The last time AC Milan won the Scudetto was the 2010/2011 season before Juventus’s 9 years of dominance. It has been a long time since we saw the Rossoneri’s lift the title. Therefore, the team has hunger, and the drive continues as they push to win another Scudetto. 

Their winning fate remains solid in their hands, and only they can throw it away as things stand. Therefore, all they need to do is win their remaining games, and they would be crowned champions of Italy. Fortunately, they don’t have any cup matches to worry about since they are out of all the cup competitions after losing 3-0 in the 2nd leg of the Coppa Italia. 

Remaining Matches

On paper and in the BetUS lines, the remaining matches do not look tough. However, because of Serie A’s unpredictability, we can’t say for sure how the games would be. But there is a high chance that both teams will win their remaining matches. They both play teams that are both struggling and fighting for something.

Therefore, this boils down to the teams that want it the most. So, it is down to the two teams to find a way to ensure that they don’t drop any points. And if they are lucky, they can continue on a winning path. The road is set, and we can certainly see that this is a battle that would reach matchday 38. 

Final Thoughts

Since both teams can win all their matches, the chances for AC Milan to win the trophy are higher. Winning all the matches guarantees that the Rossoneri would take home the title in grand style and end their 10-year wait for the Scudetto. However, Inter Millan would be there to pounce if there is any slip-up, just like how either team in the Liverpool vs. Real Madrid final is ready to pounce.